Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Crowds begin to gather as Watling School buries its time capsule today.

Children from Watling School, past present and future, teachers, teaching assistants,School Governors, CBC and Town Councillors, plus many more along with the help of National Grid, Watling School time capsule was buried today somewhere in the grounds of Watling School for future generations to find.

Everyone starts to gather round......

....as the last items are placed inside the time capsule.....

Everyone who was involved today signed the time capsule before it was sealed and placed in the ground.....

Head Teacher Mrs Penglase encourages the children to celebrate the first shovel of soil on the capsule.

Today saw a wonderful celebration of the 50th year of Watling School. Their fun activities to celebrate their birthday continue all week.

More photographs can be found of this wonderful event at:

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