Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dunstable Town Council closes its Music Events this year with Dunstable Rocks.

There were some fantastic entertainers, from local bands and singers to Gene Genie aka David Bowie and the infamous Hazel O'Connor at the Closing of Dunstable's Annual Music Events this year ~ Dunstable and it's estimated guests of at least 4,000 people enjoyed a fantastic FREE event on a wonderful Summers Evening.


Feel free to join us on our Social Media Page, where you can see many of the photographs that were taken during the day and evening. The Party Rocked from 12noon to a final encour from Hazel O'Connor at around 10pm.

We also enjoyed the amazing talents of Chesney Hawkes earlier in the year at Party in The Park
Once again you can check out many of the photographs taken at:

For those who do not have a facebook page we have chosen a few to share with you on here ~ We hope you enjoy them.