Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Councillor John Chatterley is the new Mayor of Dunstable

Lewis from Pho2u! at http://www.pho2u.co.uk/ was given the opportunity to take photographs of our new Mayor Councillor John Chatterley last night as were other photographers, some of which were students from Central Bedfordshire College Dunstable. Councillor Patricia... Staples, leaving Mayor has had a fantastic year and in her closing speach while thanking everyone for all their support, she mentioned the superb amount of money her events and generous donations have made for her three chosen charities, which was in excess of £10,000.
Photograph of the new Mayor of Dunstable Councillor John Chatterley and to his right last years Mayor Councillor Patricia Staples and to the left David Ashlee Town Clerk and Chief Executive of Dunstable Town Council by kind permission of Pho2u! at http://www.pho2u.co.uk/
The Annual Meeting of Dunstable Town Council was held at All Saints Academy Dunstable. Friends, family, collegues and guests attended this event and along with them we would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to the new Mayor of Dunstable Councillor John Chatterley and wish him a wonderful year. He can be seen here drawing a winning raffle ticket at one of his first official duties this evening, raising money for his chosen charities for his year as Dunstable Town Mayor.
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Friday, 17 May 2013

It is Medieval weekend here in Dunstable on 18th and 19th May

Join in the celebrations of  Dunstable's Medieval weekend as October 2013 is the 800th anniversary of the dedication of the Augustinian Priory.


Dunstable Town Council images
Saturday 18th- Sunday 19th Medieval Siege Society
FREE Family Events
The siegers will be living the life of an armoured soldier on campaign in Priory Gardens, with Battle re-enactments from the Wars of the Roses www.medieval-siege-society.co.uk
  • Guided tours of the Hidden Priory
  • Meet the experts, historians, archaeologists, bring your finds to the Manshead archaeologists for examination.
  • Medieval herbalist
  • Free shield making for children
  • New exhibitions and talks in Priory House throughout the day,
  • Walk with a Town Guide through Medieval Dunstable
  • Maypole dancing
o Saturday 18th May Priory Spring Fair 11.00-2.30
o Saturday 18th May Choral Evensong at the Priory 5pm
o Sunday 19th May St Fremund Shrine procession and installation in the Priory –
with the Bishop of Bedford. 9.30am at St Fremund’s and 10.30am at the Priory Church
Information with kind permission from http://medievaldunstable.org.uk/index.html

Monday, 13 May 2013

Dunstable Town Team Steering Group needs all of the businesses in Ashton Square area of Dunstable to get involved, we need you!

Last year towns across Britain were given the opportunity to apply for the Portas Bid money of £100,000,Dunstable Joint Committee which consists of Members from Central Bedfordshire Council, Dunstable Town Council, local businesses and social groups got together and made a video to go along with the application for a chance of winning the £100,000.
In the begining........

Unfortunately Dunstable wasn’t successful in getting the £100,000 but they got a share as did many other town of £10,000.

From the Dunstable Joint Committee a group was created called ‘Town Team Steering Group’ which was made up of local businesses and social media groups who’s job is to help promote these businesses and new events for The Square. Dunstable Town Council Officers also attend to help in any way they can, for example with technical issues and assist with the budget and holding of the £10,000 until it was spent.

After a group meeting it was decided that £10,000 although a lot of money wouldn’t make a great impact on the whole of Dunstable. So the group decided that it would be good to promote the quiet end of town Ashton Square, where there can already be seen some great improvements. For example some money went to creating new vinyl's to cover old shops once permission was granted from the landlords. Within days of this happening interest has already been shown in one of the shops that has been vacant for years. Pop up Britain is also interested in having one of the CBC shops towards the end of this year. The Cambridge Town Team are looking to come down and meet people from this group to see how we are beginning to make such a difference.

So far the group has discussed and decided to spend some of the money as follows, a few of these suggestions are still being implemented.

  • Vinyl's for shop fronts.
  • A Shopping Map in the arch alley way from High Street South to Ashton Square
  • Car Park Map
  • Planning permission for this area as it has many constraints
  • An Entertainment Licence ~ Which now allows entertainers to use The Square FREE of charge, helping to raise their profile and encourage people in to Dunstable. This facility is available Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays once Dunstable Town Council has taken the booking and confirmed the appropriate liability insurance is correct.
  • PRS licence
  • Ashton Square Logo ~ Which can now be seen on the vinyl's ~ Businesses have since approached Dunstable Town Council to ask if they can also use this logo as it is becoming wildly recognised.
  • Ashton Square Sign ~ Which after planning permission as buildings in this area have heritage status will be over the Arch seen from High Street South
  • Event Activity
  • Festoon Lighting
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Banner on the Clock to advertise the events and market along with Ashton Square
  • Bollard Advertising (This hasn’t been decided yet)
  • Shutter sign writing to advertise Ashton Square and Market which will be seen from High Street South through the Arch
  • Logos for Highway
  • Repair festoon
  • Event Activity’s on the Square, On the 18th May there will be inflatable jousting and stocks! This is for everyone to enjoy on Medieval Weekend.
  • Money for the Cadets helping at events
There are several hundred pounds left and this is where we need you! The businesses in and around Ashton Square along with the Business Traders on Dunstable Market.

Get involved, be part of it! Some businesses have been to the meetings but we need more! This Portas money is for your area of Dunstable. Let’s get together and help make Dunstable a better place to live, work and shop!

On the social media side if you would like to be in the Town Team Steering Group Album on About Dunstable Facebook page with a photograph of your business, then please take one and send it to me at bwhayman05@tiscali.co.uk Those that attend meetings and get involved will really benefit, this is your chance with the Portas money to help your business. It will cost you nothing other than putting in a little effort, join the group and make your business successful.

Looking forward to meeting you at the next Town Team Steering Group as attendees at the last meeting on the 9th May consisted of Latte Heaven, Jo & Taz from Dunstable Market and myself. Plus DTC Officers chairing the meeting. They have passed the reigns over to us four to get everyone involved so let’s show them we can do it!

I have written this to the best of my knowledge and believe all facts to be correct, should anyone have any concerns about it’s content then please contact Dunstable Town Council for further information ~ Thank you

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dunstable Beer & Cider Festival Weekend May 2013

Yesterday saw the start of the Beer & Cider Festival weekend in Grove House Gardens Dunstable.
 Photo copyright About Dunstable
This is a Dunstable Town Council event one of many Dunstable has been looking forward to, after the Town's first Beer & Cider Festival last year.
 Photo copyright About Dunstable
 The event this year is being held in Grove House Gardens as last year it proved to be such a success more room was needed for the beers, ciders, musicians who are playing live and for tables chairs and added entertainment for the family.
 Photo with kind permission from Trevor Tacchi
Photo with kind permission from Trevor Tacchi 
Photo with kind permission from Trevor Tacchi
This event is running for three days and so far even despite the weather the event seems as successful as ever!  Cheers!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Topping Out Ceremony for the New Incubator in Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable

Today I was delighted to have been invited to the Topping Out Ceremony at the new Incubator Centre today along with many other's including Dunstable Town Mayor Patricia Staples, other town and Central Bedfordshire Councillors plus many more people all interested to see and be involved with this fantastic new centre in conjunction with Central Bedfordshire College ~ Dunstable.

Dunstable Mayor Patricia Staples and to her right Deputy Mayor John Chatterley.

The Chair of Governors for Central Bedfordshire College, Ali Hadawi CBE Principal of Central Bedfordshire College Dunstable and Andrew Selous MP.
Laying the the 'Topping Out' slab on top of The New Inuba Centre.
Which is looking forward to opening September 2013

Andrew Selous MP, The Chair of Governors for Central Bedfordshire College, Ali Hadawi CBE Principal of Central Bedfordshire College Dunstable at a presentation after the 'Topping Out' Ceremony at Central Bedfordshire College Dunstable.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Watling Lower School PSA are holding a Summer Fair

"This will be on Saturday the 8th June from 11am until 2pm at Watling Lower School on Bull Pond Lane Dunstable.

We would really like to make this a community event and would like to offer local businesses the chance to support our work and raise the profile of their business at the same time. If you feel you would be able to sponser us, provide a prize or would like to attend the event to promote your company in some way please get in contact with Ruth Melnykowicz via email on ruth3563@hotmail.co.uk

If anyone (businesses or individuals) is interested in having a stall we are charging five pound a pitch.

Many thanks