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Luton Road Recreation Ground
off Kingsbury Avenue/Jeans Way
Beds LU5 4PU

 Kingsbury Bowls Club is a small friendly club situated in east Dunstable under
the shadow of Blows Downs.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Council approves proposal to merge special schools in the South of Central Bedfordshire

Plans to merge Glenwood and Hillcrest special schools to create an area special school across the two sites were approved at a meeting of the Council’s executive today (Tuesday 27th March). The plans received broad support from both of the schools and the public in informal and statutory consultations.

By sharing facilities and bringing together staff expertise, the area special school, to be named the Chiltern School, will cater for a wide range of needs as well as offering families improved provision closer to home.

The merged school will offer greater potential to hold on to, recruit and develop quality teaching and support staff, and ensure that all the needs of pupils and parents continue to be met.

Speaking about the decision, Executive Member for Children’s Services, Cllr Mark Versallion, said:

“Our main aim is to meet the needs and improve the lives of children and young people, particularly those with complex needs. This is best achieved when they can go to school close to home and their families can remain involved. The new area special school will offer this.”

"Having successfully established the Ivel Valley Area Special School in east Central Bedfordshire we are now keen to safeguard and strengthen educational provision in the south of the area."

Rupert Groves, Chair of Governors, Glenwood School, said:

"Today's decision is the realisation of a long held dream. We are excited to be able to launch The Chiltern School as the new area special school in the south of Central Bedfordshire.

We want The Chiltern School to be at the heart of provision for children with Special Educational Needs, serving our local areas through attendance at school and support for mainstream schools.

Pupils will benefit from the extension of the range of needs we can meet. We are very fortunate to be able to develop specialist provision on both sites, particularly for pupils with sensory and complex learning needs.

We want to open our doors to families and the local commnities in our catchment areas. After Easter we will roll out a programme of communication meetings for; families, pupils and the staff of the two merging schools. We can't wait to get started!"

For further information please contact: Nick Pearce, Media Officer on 0300 300 4910

Central Bedfordshire Council PR 984 23/03/2012

The way forward for Central Bedfordshire libraries

The way forward for Central Bedfordshire libraries
Central Bedfordshire Council has approved the way forward for libraries over the coming 15 years.

The Library Service Strategy sets out how the council will continue to provide a high quality, sustainable and modern service whilst offering efficiency and value for money without closing any libraries. It also includes individual library 'road maps' that outline the future opportunities and areas of development for each library.

Following extensive public consultation and market research through the Big Library Debate the Library Service Strategy outlines how the council will:

> Involve local people in making decisions about their library
> Be accessible when, where and how people want
> Help children, young people and adults to improve skills
> Modernise the service, finding new ways to provide better services and save money
> Deliver a library service that is tailored to local people

The challenge for the service is that it needs to deliver more than £550,000 of efficiency savings in running costs by 2014. This will be achieved by investing in technology and reducing back room costs. In the next two years £850,000 of capital investment will support the implementation of self service technology, developing the 24/7 online library, modernising buildings, and piloting library access points in rural communities.

The library service currently has 12 libraries, a library access point and the Library Link service for housebound customers and the online virtual library.

Cllr Brian Spurr, Executive Member Sustainable Communities – Services said: “Libraries in Central Bedfordshire are recognised as an invaluable community service providing access to learning, information and culture for everyone. It is because of this that the council has decided that no library should close and that the service should be more accessible and extend its reach into local communities.

"We do realise however that libraries will need to become more efficient to meet savings targets and modernise to meet the future needs of residents. We believe that this strategy sets out how we can successfully achieve this.”

To read the strategy and individual library 'road maps' visit
Central Bedfordshire Council PR 985 23/03/2012
For further information please contact: Michele Smith, Media Officer (Temp) on 0300 300 6832

Improving the streetscape of Court Drive, Dunstable

Central Bedfordshire Council are planning to use the concept of shared space and clear streets to improve the streetscape at Court Drive. This concept will look at the needs of every road user to deliver a streetscene that is better balanced and suitable for all.

The aim of the scheme is to provide a dedicated bus lane in Court Drive, as an integral part of the Luton Dunstable Houghton Regis Guided Busway, and enhance the general streetscape in this core area of Dunstable.

Better Balanced Street
A better balanced street is one that pays respect to the competing needs of all users. A balanced street looks at the needs of all road users – not just the motorists and delivers a street scene that is suitable for all.

In an urban area there is a high level of competing demand from different classes of road users. A well balanced street will have minimal visual clutter and obstacles. It will use durable materials and most importantly, will encourage a degree of negotiation between road users as they make their way through it.

Your Unique Environment Your streetscape can add value to your local area by adding character through design that compliments the environment, rather than the normal street scene you see today.

For the full information ~ Please click on the link below: Where the above passage was taken from:

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

It's an Olympic Knockout!

Why not join in 'It's a Knockout' Olympic Fun Day on 19th May in Dunstable?!

Want to know more?

Then contact Lisa at

Dunstable Town Council

Saturday, 24 March 2012

National Company help local School today Saturday 24th March

National Grid Community Action Team have built a raised planter at Watling Lower School this morning as part of the schools 50th birthday celebrations. Councillors from Central Bedfordshire and Dunstable Town Council along with Watling School Governors and School Staff assisted the National Grid Team in clearing this baron area and creating the raised planter. All helping to raise the profile of the school and be part of the Dunstable in Bloom Campaign. 

Children join the workers after their morning at Watling School film club.

Now everyone is looking forward to the seeds being sown for a blooming good show in the summer!

The local community gets digging.....

From National to local everyone digs here for the latest details!

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Making art part of the journey

The local communities of Dunstable and Houghton Regis are being asked for
their creative contributions for new works of art that reflect the contemporary history of the towns.

Artist Pete Moorhouse has been commissioned to create four sculptures along the Dunstable and Houghton Regis route of the new guided busway. He has been working with school children, college students, library users and the local history society to get their ideas for topics that could be highlighted within the sculptures.

The aim is to create pieces of art that celebrate prominent historical events, people, businesses and buildings in the towns during the past 100 years. Children from lower schools in Dunstable and Kings Middle School in Houghton Regis have already submitted their ideas. Students from the Art and Design foundation degree courses at Central Bedfordshire College have taken up the project as part of their course work.

Pete intends to integrate the ideas given to him into the final pieces which will be in place by the opening of the busway in March 2013.
Cllr Nigel Young, Deputy Executive Member for Sustainable Communities, Strategic Planning and Economic Development said: “Both of our towns have a great ancient history but they also have a vibrant recent one. These sculptures will reflect the pride that we have today in both Dunstable and Houghton Regis and the contributions from all age groups of the local community will make them all the more relevant.”
To follow the work so far and to see the work that is being generated visit Pete’s blog at

For further information please contact: Michele Smith, Media Officer (Temp) on 0300 300 6832

The Dunstable Mile for Sport Relief at Creasey Park Community Football Centre

Dunstable Road Runners are organising the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile at Creasey Park Community Football Centre and they want you to take part! Do the Mile around the state of the art centre's grounds, then kick-back and enjoy all the entertainment on offer. Make sure you get your place in The Dunstable Mile now!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Council saves thousands in bid to make Central Beds greener.

Up to £140, 000 of council taxpayers’ money has been saved thanks to Central Bedfordshire Council’s drive to reduce costs, conserve energy and help save our environment.

The savings were generated by the council cutting 1000 tonnes of CO2 emissions since 2009 in council buildings – the same weight as approximately 170 elephants.

Councillor Ken Matthews, Executive Member for Sustainable Communities said: "This is great news for council taxpayers, especially in the face of rising energy prices.

"It’s also good for our environment and especially topical during the week when water companies announced we are now officially in a drought.

For advice on how you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint, please visit the Energy Saving Trust's website: or call 0800 512 012.

Central Bedfordshire Council PR 968   

For further information please contact: Michele Smith, Media Officer (Temp) on 0300 300 6832

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dunstable in Bloom Launch ~ 14th April 2012

This year's Dunstable in Bloom Launch will be sponsored by "Cookies & Cream" Night club in Dunstable ~ They have organised support from the Beiijing Gold medalist, Pippa Wilson, who will appear at the event at Frenchs Avenue Neighbourhood Space.

The launch will take place on Saturday 14th April between 10am and 2pm (although times will be confirmed nearer the date). It will be held at the Frenchs Avenue Neighbourhood Space and will involve wild flower planting, hopefully by everyone attending.

Look out for the 'Dunstable in Bloom' team who will be sporting their new t-shirts sponsered by "Clowns" Fancy Dress and T-Shirt Printing - High Street South - Dunstable.

Everyone is welcome ~ The more the merrier.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Olympic Flame is to be carried through the town of Dunstable by inspirational Torchbearer, Matt King.

Luton Road (A505) and High Street North (A5) have been announced as the streets in Dunstable where residents will get to see the Olympic Flame as it is carried through the town by inspirational Torchbearer, Matt King, on the morning of Monday 9 July.

Residents wanting to share in the excitement of the Torch Relay will get their first glimpse of Matt and the Flame at around 07.55 on 9 July. Hot fo
ot from overnight celebrations in Luton, the Torch Relay will enter Dunstable on Luton Road, making its way down High Street North before being taken by convoy to its next stop in Milton Keynes.

Leader of Central Bedfordshire Council, Cllr James Jamieson says, "With just two months to go until the Olympic Flame arrives in the UK, today's announcement will help to ignite local interest in the Dunstable leg of the Torch Relay. We are looking forward to welcoming the Torch and our inspirational Torchbearer, Matt, to Dunstable and I hope that residents and members of the surrounding communities will line the streets to enjoy the spectacle and join in what will be a historic occasion.

"Council preparations for welcoming the Olympic Flame are well underway and we will be making some further announcements about arrangements, including road closure information, in the coming weeks.”
From Central Bedfordshire Council Updates.

Olympic Torch bearers revealed today! Dunstable is looking forward to welcoming the Torch bearers on 9th July!

Congratulations to Katrina Blunt and Ben Jell who are two more Olympic Torch bearers from Dunstable from this long list of excited people!

We have a wonderful message from Simon Stothard ~ "Good Morning Dunstable. I can now officially confirm that I am part of Team GB as an Olympic Torchbearer! It will be a real honour. If you would like to follow the story please 'Like' my page '2012 for Cystic Fibrosis'. Hope to see you all in July!"

We would like to wish Simon all the very best for this once in a lifetime opportunity and hope that Simon's fund raising for Cystic Fibrosis raises thousands!

We will be out waving and cheering the Torch bearers on along Church Street and up High Street North on 9th July ~ Hope you do to.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dunstable Town Mayor's Charity Ball

Dunstable Mayor Cllr Claire Meakins-Jell celebrated with her family, friends and colleagues at The Mayors Ball last night. This was a public event and was very well attended. Everyone had a fabulous time and lots of money was raised for The Mayors chosen charities ~ It was wonderful to have shared this evening with you Claire, congratulations on a very successful year as Town Mayor.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Church Street ( & Bridge) Dunstable - Road closures

31 March - 1st April: Weekend closure - expectations are only half a day required - Saturday morning (Cantilever concrete pour)

(Note: this also clashes with Telford Way in Luton)

10 - 13 April: Midweek road closure - night time closures (remove formwork)

16 - 20 April: Midweek road closure - night time closure (Pavix - waterproofing)

28 - 29 July: Weekend closure (carriageway works)
For the latest details on road closures please visit the BAM Busway web site:

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Dunstable Heritage Trail ~ Odd & Unusual Dunstable

This is one of the several Heritage Trails you can start from Priory House ~ Collect your map/information sheet and take an interesting walk around our amazing Historic Town.

This is exactly what I did this morning ~ What a beautiful way to spend approximately forty five minutes, walking around Dunstable with a map guiding you to all the interesting places that you normally just walk past.

From Priory House where I started the Trail, Middle Row where the bylaws 1221 were explained, to the square were the former cattle market stood. You can read about the unrest in 1444 of the two monastic houses and onwards towards Norton Court were the newest buildings through this arch are said to be built on the church grounds belonging to the Dominican Friary. Several Skeletons were found before the foundations could be laid.

The walk took me back towards the centre of town passing the history of Middle Row with its historic buildings, now the homes of many new, up and coming businesses.

As I looked towards the Nag's Head Public House there is a story about Elizabeth, a witch or the victim of a contagious malady?

To your left the on the corner of Dunstable Aquatics you can see a plaque marking the site of the towns Stocks. As you leave this spot and walk up West Street and glance across the road, you can see the 17th century building which is now Knowles Benning which was once the largest private house in Dunstable. Stop a while and admire the right hand side of this very old building. You will be pleased you did!

Back towards Dunstable town centre takes you past Maypole Yard, stand here a moment again and glance skywards at the amazing brick work on the side of the building. This wooden framed building dates back to the middle ages and was once an Inn.

As you walk down Matthew Street you are taken past a single story shed that was once Dunstable's first fire station.

Onwards through Eleanor's Cross car park and towards Eleanor's Cross itself standing very proud in this beautiful shopping precinct. Queen Eleanor beloved wife of Edward I following her death in 1290, had her body taken to London in slow procession and a cross was erected at every point were Eleanor's coffin rested on route. Of the twelve crosses erected only three original ones remain and Dunstable erected the one that stands in front of you at this point to commemorate Queen Eleanor's body resting at the Priory Church.

You continue to walk through the shopping precinct to Albion Street and to your right can be seen the wonderful old coaching inn The Old Sugar Loaf.

Staying on the same side of the High Street as you leave Albion Street walking towards the town centre again you pass The White Horse. Here was the 17th Century Dunstable and District's first post office and embedded in the pavement on the floor in front of this arch is a roundel with an image of Henry V111 commemorating his regular visits to the White Horse after he fell out with the Priors.

As you look across High Street North at this point you can see the Nationwide Building Society. Painted walls from the 16th and 17th Century were found here but have since been relocated to the Meeting Room at Priory House, which is a must to visit on your return at the end of your walk.

Towards the centre of town were now stands the Nat West Bank, up until the 1800's the inns The Lion and The Peacock once stood.

Cross Church Street and just to your left can be seen the building with the Castellated top which was the first Drill Hall in Dunstable.

Continue to walk to your left back across Priory car park and towards Priory House were you started. As you follow the footpath along the back of the Croquet Lawn listen for the Ghost of Catherine of Aragon as she is said to have walked here....

This is just a small snippet of the detailed information to can read on the 'Odd & Unusual' Heritage walk around Dunstable. There are other Walks available and hopefully over the next few years even more walks will become available.

You can pick these trails leaflets up from Priory House which is open 10am - 4pm every day except Sunday and the Trails are FREE.

So next time you are in Dunstable set aside a little time and wander about the streets and see what wonderful history our town has to offer. I have lived here in Dunstable all my life and I couldn't believe the amazing interesting things I saw today looking up and down at the buildings. Normally I'm rushing around in and out of the shops as most of us are in our busy lives. So next time your in Dunstable pick up one of these trails, enjoy the walk and then finish in Priory House with a wonderful cream tea ~ I did today and thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you do to.

Hosepipe ban 5th April 2012

Central Bedfordshire Council Updates
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Seven water companies in southern and eastern England today announced they will be introducing hosepipe bans Hosepipe banon domestic customers from Thursday April 5th.
The ban will be effective for all customers who get their water from Anglian Water across our region. The step is being taken to combat the effects of an increasingly severe drought, following the driest 18 month period in more than a century.
Peter Simpson, Managing Director of Anglian Water, said: “This is the first time Anglian Water has imposed a hosepipe ban in more than 20 years, but we believe this is the most sensible and responsible action to take to help safeguard customer supplies for this year, next year and beyond.
“Our region has had its driest 18 months for a century, including two dry winters which have robbed us of the rainfall we need to refill rivers, reservoirs and aquifers.
“In addition to the hosepipe ban, we are asking our 4.2 million customers to help us save water at home, at work and in the garden."
How does it affect you?
We have added more information supplied by Anglian Water to our website. This clarifies what you can and cannot use a hosepipe for during the ban.
Central Bedfordshire Council Updates

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

On Friday 30th March Queensbury Upper School will be holding a Mufti Day.

This is to raise funds for Kidney Research as a group of our year 12 students are helping to raise money for the £2000 needed to run the London Marathon on behalf of this Charity.

We wish them every success and hope they raise lots of money on Queensbury Mufti Day and when they run in the London Marathon in aid of Kidney Research.

Stumpy Sanderson Returns to Priory House

Andrew Brammer at Priory HouseAndrew Brammer at Priory House
An evening of humorous storytelling about Dunstable in the 1970s and beyond
Monday 23 April 7.30pm to 9.45pm, £10 per ticket includes a 'ploughman's lunch'.
Priory House is fully licensed and drinks will be available throughout the evening.
Andrew writes and tells his own stories, and between 2009 and 2011 he performed a series of one-man storytelling shows based on his experiences of growing up in Dunstable in the 1970s. These were: 'Friends and Foes', 'More Friends and Foes', 'Stumpy Sanderson's Scrapbook', 'Stumpy Sanderson's Tales of the Very Unexpected' and 'Stumpy Sanderson's Scrapbook – The New Wave Years'.
He has delivered stories, speeches and workshops at all types of functions and events, many times to large and sold-out audiences, and has featured on numerous occasions on BBC Radio, including performing his stories live.
Tickets are available from Priory House, book early to avoid disappointment.

The Old Sugar Loaf ~ High Street North ~ Dunstable from 7pm Ladies Cocktail Evening

Tonight at The Old Sugar Loaf' ~ Ladies Cocktail evening ~ with many stalls selling ideal treats, luxury items and special gits for Mother's Day and much more. Enjoy a Ladies night out!

Informative Business Networking Meeting at The Four Kings Bar & Cafe on 2nd April 2012 ~ Everyone welcome ~ 8am start

The topic will be ;

The Regeneration of Dunstable
The speaker will be ;

Central Bedfordshire Councillor - Nigel Young
Councillor Young is both passionate and knowledgeable on the future of
Dunstable and is Deputy Executive Member for Sustainable Communities -
Strategic Planning and Economic Development within Central Beds Council

He will share with us the medium and long term plans for the town from a
Central Beds perspective followed by a Q&A session

This follows logically from our recent March meeting and on behalf of our
group I would like to thank David Ashlee, Dunstable Town Clerk who was
our guest speaker and who shed a great deal of light on the role of the
Town Council, and the medium and long term plans for the town from a
Town Council perspective. Thanks to all who made the effort to attend
for making this a lively and informative meeting.

Would you please confirm by return email if you will be able to attend
our meeting Monday April 2nd and please do your very best to help swell
our numbers by bringing along a guest with business interests in
Dunstable and/or the surrounding area.

Once again this promises to be a lively and informative Business
Networking Meeting at The Four Kings - Everyone welcome!

Meeting information from:

David KingManaging Director
The Four Kings Bar & Cafe59 High St South, Dunstable
07836 214221
Great Nights Out for Older Teenagers

On time....on budget....will you be on board the New Houghton Regis, Dunstable, Luton Busway?

Photograph taken 13th March 2012
From College Drive towards Luton Road (Duck Bridge)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Central Bedfordshire Council intend not less than seven days from the date of this Notice to make an Order the effect of which will be to prohibit any vehicle, except a vehicle being used for fire, police or ambulance purposes in an emergency, from proceeding along that length of A505 Church Street, Dunstable which extends from Station Road to Boscombe Road.

This temporary closure is required to enable guided busway construction work to take place and shall apply to such extent as may from time to time be indicated by the appropriate traffic signs.

It is expected that the works will take place during two periods of WEEKDAY OVERNIGHT working between 10pm and 5am from 10th to 13th April 2012 and from 16th to 20th April 2012. Also, during two periods of WEEKEND OVERNIGHT working between 10pm on Friday to 5am on Monday from 30th March to 2nd April and from 27th to 30th July 2012.  There will be no access, including emergency vehicles. Specific dates will be advertised locally closer to the time.

The alternative routes available for vehicles affected by the proposed Order are:-
Proceed north on Boscombe Rd to Porz Ave.  Take 3rd exit and continue on Porz Ave to Park Rd North.  Take 1st exit at first and 1st exit at second roundabout and continue on Park Rd North to East End, Houghton Regis.  Take 1st exit and continue on East End, then The Green, High St and Houghton Rd to A5 High St North, Dunstable.  Turn left and continue on High St North to the A505, Church St.  Turn left and continue on Church St to site and vice versa.

The proposed Order will come into operation on 30th March 2012 for a period of six months or until the proposed works have been completed, as detailed above, whichever is the earlier. 

For further information please contact Ian Grant (BAM Nuttall) on tel: 07736 889338.

DATED 14th March 2012
Central Bedfordshire Council                                                 Basil Jackson
Technology House, Ampthill Road                                         Assistant Director for Highways
Bedford MK42 9BD   

Monday, 12 March 2012

Dunstable in Bloom Meeting.

The Dunstable in Bloom meeting earlier was very well attended and everyone is getting involved in helping to make this another successful event in Dunstable ~ Let's hope we can help make it a third year with a 'GOLD' for Dunstable in Bloom, when the Anglia in Bloom Judges arrive sometime in July!

2011 Anglia in Bloom Judges being greeted by a group of Priory Middle School children ~
These enthusiastic youngsters helped plant their School's emblem ~ Priory Church in Priory Garden's Central Flower Bed ~ Celebrating Priory Middle School Centenary.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Priory House Craft Fayre 23rd and 24th March 2012

Priory House Craft Fayre

Friday 23 March and Saturday 24 March 10.00am to 4.00pm
After the sucess of last year Priory House is hosting it's second Craft Fayre in March.
Having trouble finding the ideal item for that hard to buy for person?
Join a host of local artists and craftsman as they display a collection of crafts that will prove irresistible.

Crafts will include Pyrography, Wood Turning, Glassware, Art work and more.
The Fayre will be open from 10.00 to 4.00pm Friday 23 March and Saturday 24 March, some of the crafts will be on display for one day only so be sure to visit.

For more information please contact Priory House on 01582 890270

Great News from R&R Hair/Rejuvenate Massage ~ High St. South ~ Dunstable

 Viki Drury has informed us with a message ~ "As Dustablians may have noticed, there is an auction sign outside R&R Hair | Rejuvenate Massage on High St. South...NOT TO WORRY!! The sign indicates the business is not affected and we are proud to confirm that business is thriving! The building is up for sale, that is true but R&R Hair | Rejuvenate Massage has just signed a new lease which means we're here to stay! A huge thankyou for continued support and the change in ownership can only lead to more improvements and bigger, better things for 2012. Many thanks again for your support x"
This is excellent news and we wish them all the very best for 2012 and beyond.

A5 Chalk Hill Repairs Scheme

The latest information we have from Carillion WSP suggests that works will be starting this evening for 3 nights - 7th March 2012 until 10th March. It is expected to take 3 nights but please be aware of change.

The working hours will be between 8.00pm and 6.00am. Southbound traffic will be diverted off the A5. Access will be maintained at all times for residents living within the closure.

Should you have any queries regarding this scheme please contact CarillionWSP on 01767 684633 during the hours of 9am and 5pm or the Customer Care Department who will be pleased to help, or alternatively the Highways Agency information line on 0300 123 5000 when out of the above times.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Local Business Networking Meeting at Four Kings Bar & Cafe with Guest Speeker Dunstable Town Clerk David Ashlee.

This mornings business networking meeting was very informative with many businesses and local community groups attending. It was a great opportunity for the Town Clerk to share knowledge of what is happening in our Town and to the Town Council's involvement within the community. It was an ideal opportunity for everyone who attended to hear exactly what Dunstable Town Council is responsible for and how they spend the Council Tax. Along with some details for the regeneration projects progressing in Dunstable.

Dunstable Town Council also has a full community events programme this year from the Beer Festival starting in May working along side local public houses etc. through to the December Christmas events 2012. The events programme is available on the Dunstable Town Council website along with all details of what they are responsible for within Dunstable. Their website is:

We are all looking forward to a bright positive future for our town.

Friday, 2 March 2012

bam nuttall ~ Road closure and updates web site for the busway.

Houghton Regis ~ Dunstable ~ Luton Busway

bam nuttal now have their own web site so everyone can see when road closures are going to take place for the continued construction of the busway.

Please follow this link for the full details on the above ~ Thank you.

Dunstable will be on BBC1 Look East this evening at 6-30pm

The new Bishop of Bedford, The Venerable Richard Atkinson visited Dunstable yesterday to meet the Medieval Project Group to find out about the celebrations of the 800th Anniversary of the Consecration of The Priory Church ~ The Celebrations for this will start in May 2013 and last throughout the whole summer.

You can find out more about Dunstables Medieval project at:

Thursday, 1 March 2012

£250 million being invested in a new Center Parcs at Woburn ~ Dunstable's neighbours.

With the great news that a new Center Parcs is to built in Woburn, just up the road from Dunstable. The development while in the Woburn Estate will be at Warren Wood near Flitwick.  Let's hope they employ some local people!

An excerpt from the Telegraph's coverage says;
Center Parcs Woburn Forest is expected to open in spring 2014 and the company is committed to creating 1,500 permanent jobs once it is up and running. The group is hoping to find the majority of staff from the local area in Bedfordshire.

Work will start in the next few months and Center Parcs claims it is one of the largest construction projects of its kind in Britain for several years.

For the full story from The Telegraph please go to:

and also:

These are just two places with information, many more can be found with information about the new Center Parc at Woburn.

Welcome to 1st March 2012

Happy St. David's Day ~ White Rabbits ~ Pinch and a punch first of the month.....Who ever you start your day ~ Have a great one!

It is very foggy here in Dunstable this morning but hopefully the winter sun will burn through quickly and we can enjoy and bright day.