Saturday, 12 March 2016

About Dunstable

After a great deal of thought and receiving so many valued comments of support from you all. I have decided to continue with About Dunstable, although you may not see quite as much on your news feed as before due to a change of heart with recent events and other personal commitments.
However, I will continue to work voluntary to help....

A) Promote Dunstable and its businesses....
 If you wish to share yours, please feel free to post direct to the page.

B) Be 'your voice' through mine, in commenting and sharing, what sometimes might be construed as controversial subjects.

C) Read and answer as many messages as I possibly can, although if I don't get to answer you. Please understand I am not just ignoring you.

Hopefully About Dunstable will continue to keep the community spirit alive and kicking here in Dunstable, with all your support.

Thank you again, for all your kind messages ~ Beverley


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