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On the 18th June 201, it was great to hear from the 'We are Now' team with this email. I look forward to continuing to work wth them and have advised them of the opportunity to use The Square for entertainment on Market Days thanks to the Town Team and £10,000 Portas money. The opportunity to use The Square is open to everyone who has a 5 million pound liability insurance.
 "Dear Beverley

I hope you’re well. I wanted to send you a quick update on our WE ARE NOW project.

After collecting lots of great stories and feelings about Dunstable during our weekend of activities back in April, lead artist Laurence Payot and the team have been busy building a legend and coming up with ideas for a new folk tradition to take place at our grand event on Dunstable Down on 15th September.

This weekend we headed back to the downs and met with well known kite display team The Flying Squad, to experiment with costumes in the wind.

I’ve attached a few photos to give a sense of what we got up to, taken by Ben Salmons. It would be great if you wanted to share these on facebook etc, to let everyone know that something exciting will be happening soon!

Laurence also spent Monday with a group from Watling Lower School, trying out more costumes, refining the legend and characterising the wind with the help of the children.

The project’s blog at
has been updated with some great inspirational visuals as a result of the weekend.

Next up is more activities throughout the summer, where everyone will get a chance to be involved, create a costume and prepare for the grand finale in September. We’ll be popping up with stalls at most of the big events happening in the town during the summer, and will be running special sessions for young people and various community groups too.

I’ll continue to share things with you as they happen, and in advance of any events. If there’s any particular way you’d like to be involved just let me know. We also now have Dunstable local Kerrie Duggan (who I think you already know) working with us to coordinate the project and the summer activities.

All the very best, and I look forward to seeing you at an event in Dunstable soon.


Jennie Stoddart
Curator Producer
Bedford Creative Arts"
 *** These photographs and many more of the WE ARE NOW events in Dunstable were taken by Ben Salmons

Everyone started arriving at Watling Lower School from 9am this morning. From the children to their brothers and sisters, Grandma's and Grandad's, Friends, Head Teacher and the School Staff, Ward Councillors, Chair and School Governors with... the brilliant support of the Groundworks Team....... the Activity Day welcomed many people all wanting to help and share in the Day's Activity to help create a Woodland area for the Children. Hundreds of holes were dug, followed by hundreds of Saplings of all different kinds being carefully planted. Bamboo sticks and guards were placed around every sapling to stop the local wildlife, Rabbits, Badgers and Foxes making a meal out of them. There was weaving and of course Marshmellows toasted over a fire for everyone to enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate after everyone had worked so very hard. It was a brilliant day and we were very pleased to have been invited to join in and take some photographs (which the parents and guardians have given us permission) We hope you enjoy our day with Watling Lower School.

Watling School Fun Day Friday
Celebrating their 50th Birthday!

 Friends always share, even when it's a cockroach!

 Ducks, Rabbits and a puff ball chicken...all friends in this pen.

 Coatis ~ I'm smiling!
 The children watch as they are told about the bearded dragon and then allowed to hold it!
 Learning to juggle with coloured hankies.....
Everyone in the School made a kite and hopefully they will be able to fly it at the Dunstable Kite Festival on 14th and 15th July 2012


Watling School Time Capsule was buried on 10th July 2012







1st May 2012
50th Birthday Celebrations for Watling Lower School Dunstable

Acting Deputy Head Mrs Jandu and Dunstable Mayor Cllr Claire Meakins - Jell

Balloons and cakes along with birthday wishes made a very happy morning assembly today celebrating Watling Lower Schools 50th birthday. Several children in turn spoke of how the school has developed over the past 50 years and all the children sang a wonderful hymn at the end of the assembly. 

Dunstable Mayor Cllr Claire Meakins - Jell answered questions from many of Watling Lower School children about her year's role of being Mayor of Dunstable. Also present along with the children and teachers, were school Governors and Councillors from local and CBC Council.

This afternoon everyone at the school will be enjoying some of the wonderful birthday cakes. The birthday celebrations of Watling Lower School will continue over the next few months with many festivities planned.

Cake Decorations kindly made for Watling Lower School's birthday cake
by Hayley 'Dunstable Cake House'

Over the next week or so Watling Lower School will be decorating one of the shop windows in the Quadrant shopping centre. Don't forget to have a look when your next passing.

Watling Lower School ~ http://www.watlinglower.org.uk/


Youth Achievement Awards 2012

Overall winner Bailie Aliriza
Overall winner Bailie Aliriza

On Monday 23 April at Creasey Park Community Centre the Dunstable Town meeting was held. People were delighted to join in the accolade to this year’s winners of Dunstable Town Council Youth Achievement Awards.
This years achievement in Sport went to a young lady who has overcome many difficulties, Bailie Aliriza, but because of her determination and dedication she has excelled in her field of martial arts, currently she holds the ISKA English title for her weight. Later in the year she is to be a competitor in the World Championships in Holland, besides this she gives her time to teach beginners and other children, she is much more confident and outgoing. She will soon be a Junior Black Belt.

For the full report please click on the link below to Dunstable Town Council Website ~ Thank you

National Grid Community Action Team have built a raised planter at Watling Lower School this morning as part of the schools 50th birthday celebrations. Councillors from Central Bedfordshire and Dunstable Town Council along with Watling School Governors and School Staff assisted the National Grid Team in clearing this baron area and creating the raised planter. All helping to raise the profile of the school and be part of the Dunstable in Bloom Campaign.

Children join the workers after their morning at Watling School film club.

Now everyone is looking forward to the seeds being sown for a blooming good show in the summer!


November 26th 2011

Welcome to the official opening of Creasey Park Community Football Centre by Dunstable Town Mayor Cllr Claire Meakins-Jell and CBC Cllr Peter Hollick followed by a local derby between AFC Dunstable and Dunstable Town Football Club ~ A Great Day was had by all.


25th April 2011 Over 800 Scouts marched through the centre of Dunstable
to celebrate St. George's Day.