Dunstable in Bloom Annual event.

Medieval Dunstable Launch with the Planting of a Physic Garden in Priory House Gardens on 13th April 2013 coinciding with Dunstable in Bloom Launch.


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Members of Promoting Dunstable and John from DTC

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Photographs taken by 'About Dunstable' Other with a '*' Taken by and with kind permission to use by
Graham Owen


Dunstable Wins High Silver Gilt Award in
Anglia in Bloom Awards

Promoting Dunstable sub group 'Dunstable in Bloom' working alongside Dunstable Town Council, resident's of Dunstable and community groups. Proved that Dunstable was once again 'Blooming Marvelous' as we won Silver Gilt in the Anglia in Bloom Awards.

About Dunstable has just returned from a meeting to discuss the achievements and are looking forward to the award ceremony we are involved in as part of 'Dunstable in Bloom' which will be held locally next month.

We will be meeting again soon to discuss how we will all get involved with Dunstable in Bloom preparations for 2013.

Everyone in Dunstable is welcome to join this group ~ All helping to make Dunstable a better place to live and work.

Please contact us for further details and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting

Dunstable in Bloom Judging Day 5th July 2012

Dunstable in Bloom Group along with John Crawley of DTC met with Judges to show them the exhibition at Grove House

The Dunstable in Bloom Exhibition of another years work and community events all contributing to this years event.

Dunstable in Bloom t-shirts designed by members of the group and sponsered by Clowns of Dunstable.

Nolan and Brian meet with the Dunstable in Bloom Group along with John (DTC)

Another big contributer to the Dunstable in Bloom group is Tony, who was busy chauffeuring the judges and other members around the route today.

Blows Downs

Watling School children welcomed the Judges to their planting area. National Grid helped earlier in the year to dig this area for them to create their own flower display. If you look closely you can see the 50 in the flowers begining to show as it is the schools 50th birthday this year 2012

Queensbury School

Weatherfield School physic and sensory area.

Greenacre Residential Home

Priory Gardens

Anglia in Bloom Judges
Nolan Mill and Brian Gardner

 Don't just look at the flowers, smell them too.....

All the photographs are taken by About Dunstable unless stated otherwise

Photograph taken by John Chatterley

In the above photograph:
David Ashlee Town Clerk/Chief Executive of Dunstable Town Council, Beverley Whayman- Dunstable in Bloom and Promoting Dunstable Member, Cllr Terry Colbourne Head of Grounds and Environmental Services, Anglia in Bloom Judges: Nolan Mill and Brian Gardner with Dunstable Mayor Cllr Pat Staples in the centre, Chairman of Central Bedfordshire Council Cllr Angela Barker, John Crawley Head of Grounds and Environmental Services at Dunstable Town Council and Hugh Garrod Chair of Promoting Dunstable and Dunstable in Bloom Group.


Dunstable in Bloom Launch 2012

Pippa Wilson Beijing Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Dunstable Mayor Claire Meekins-Jell

Today celebrated the Dunstable in Bloom Launch with Pippa Wilson Beijing Olympic Gold Winner, the wonderful community of Frenchs Avenue and many others from Dunstable who also joined in the 'Wild' seed planting at the Frenchs Avenue Neighbourhood Open Space Area.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Pippa this morning. Pippa was very happy to join in the planting and the Zumba! Along with giving everyone the opportunity to 'hold' her very precious Gold Medal and have any photographs they wanted taken with her. While we were chatting she said that only two weeks ago she had broken two ribs in the 'Dancing on Ice Olympic Special' although you wouldn't have known with the way she was joining in everything today. So don't forget to watch out for Pippa in this new one off special show coming this summer.

Dunstable Mayor Claire Meekins-Jell welcomed and thanked everyone for taking part and also joined in the planting of the seeds along with chatting to everyone there today. It was great to see so many enthusiastic people from young children to their Grand parents all helping to sow 'Red, White and Blue' flower seeds to celebrate the Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Dunstable Mayor Claire and Pippa also signed certificates for the children which they proudly took away with them, as a remembrance of the day planting seeds for this great event. Dunstable Town and CBC Councillors also joined in the day sowing seeds, chatting to people and exercising to some exhilarating Zumba!

We hope to keep you up to date with the progress of these displays and all the colourful flower displays throughout Dunstable during the summer of 2012

Let's hope Dunstable can make it third year in a row with a GOLD for Anglia in Bloom.


November 26th 2011

Tree and bulb planting

With the residents of Frenchs Avenue and surrounding area along with the Town Mayor Cllr Claire Meakings-Jell, Dunstable Town Council Officers and Grounds people

Photographs by kind permission of Graham ~ Friends of Frenchs Avenue Nighbourhood Space.

A year in the making for Dunstable in Bloom
The Awards Ceremony October 2011

Anglia in Bloom
Dunstable in Bloom
Dunstable Wins GOLD Award for second year and Two Green Flags
in 2011 following the success of a Green Flag award in 2010

Dunstable In Bloom First Place and Overall Winner - Mr Anthony Cootes


An evening to remember for the winners of many different awards
for Dunstable in Bloom
All presented by The Mayor Cllr Claire Meakins-Jell
at the Final Awards Ceremony at
Manshead School

Some of the voluntary members of Dunstable in Bloom Group ~ sub group of Promoting Dunstable.


Published on Wednesday 2 November 2011 13:00 ~ Dunstable Gazette
GREEN-FINGERED winners of the Dunstable In Bloom competition were awarded trophies and certificates of commendation for their floral efforts at a special ceremony at Manshead Upper School.

For the first time in many years, Promoting Dunstable – in partnership with Dunstable Town Council – ran a number of floral and gardening contests this summer.
Beautiful blooms and fantastic florals won Anthony Cootes the Best Front Garden 2011 title.
Denise Peacock’s gardening efforts earned her second place and third prize went to Roy and Louise Mason.
Judges deemed Rhoda Hassan to have the Best Balcony Display and Mrs Compton was presented with the certificate for Best Hanging Basket.
It was a plot owned by Mrs Herbert at Meadway allotments that took the crown for Best Allotment 2011.
Mr Rooney, of Hillcroft allotments, came second and Mr and Mrs Hopper, who do their growing at Catchacre allotments, were third.
The Star and Garter in High Street South won the title of Best Public House Floral Display. Second place went to The Glider in Lowther Road and The Froth and Elbow in High Street South took third.
Mayor of Dunstable, Councillor Claire Meakins-Jell, presented the gongs.
She told the Gazette: “I was honoured and delighted to present the awards and certificates on the evening and celebrate the achievements of those who took part in the competition.
“This is a fantastic example of those in our community taking pride in their environment and working together to help make Dunstable a better place.
“My thanks to Promoting Dunstable who work tirelessly along with John Crawley, our lead officer at the Town Council for Grounds and Environmental Services, to facilitate and organise the competition, and for the dedication they show to our town. I hope that other members of our community feel encouraged to take part in the future.”

The Launch of Dunstable in Bloom April 2011
Dunstable Mayor Cllr Mike Mullany and his wife join
Barry Norman CBE and Council Officer Mr Crawley
in a Communial Tree Plant in Grove Gardens.

Dunstable in Bloom group hold a plant stool at Dunstable's History Day
to help raise funds for this years event.
Here are a small selection of pictures showing
why Dunstable achieved their Gold and Green Flag Awards.

Mayor Cllr Claire Meekings-Jell meet the Judges on
Judging day July 2011
The Town then waites patiently untill October to find out the
great news.