Wednesday, 4 July 2012

An interview with Central Bedfordshire Councillor on BBC Radio 4

Dunstable want's to move on and progress with the 'Dunstable Masterplan' invest in the future and make out town great.........and why is this becoming a difficulty? Please click on the link below and hear the interview with CBC Councillor Nigel Young, his want and vision for a better Dunstable ~ Thank you.

You can hear the interview with CBC Cllr Nigel Young about 48 minutes into the programme.

The battle to revitalise shopping centres

"I drove by the Quadrant Centre 25 years ago when I came to Dunstable. And guess what - it looked exactly the same then as it does now, apart from the fact that it has fewer shops."

Councillor Nigel Young doesn't hold back when it comes to his local shopping centre.

"It's awful. A large part of it needs to be knocked down and it's crying out for investment."

For the full story please click on the link below ~ Thank you.

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