Sunday 8 December 2013

Dunstable is to have a New Skate Park, located behind Go Bowling!

After hearing the brilliant news of a Brand New Skate Park for Dunstable, we have this detailed message from Central Beds Councillor Nigel Young:

 "Nigel Young It’s taken us quite a while to get the money – but at last the young people of Dunstable get a skate park.

The cash comes from what’s called Section 106 contributions from developers (not from CBC Council Tax) In this case the 106 came fro...
m the Dukeminster development next to Sainsbury’s. We got £220k 106 – plus £30k (and £5k a year running costs) from the Town Council, so we should get a decent park! Well done Dunstable Town Councillors!

The Town Council (who will run the park) will be setting up a project team in the New Year and we want representatives of Skateboarders involved in the design of the park and selection of a contractor - the Dunstable Skate Park Project Team (DSPPT)

The officer in charge of this fantastic project is Becky Wisbey at the Town Council. I’ve asked Becky to set up an e-mail list and add interested skateboarders to that list so that we can send progress updates and keep you all regularly informed. Please send Becky your private e-mail (not FB) so that she can add you to the list.

Becky’s e-mail is: We will keep everyone informed as the project develops. NY"