Tuesday 6 March 2012

Local Business Networking Meeting at Four Kings Bar & Cafe with Guest Speeker Dunstable Town Clerk David Ashlee.

This mornings business networking meeting was very informative with many businesses and local community groups attending. It was a great opportunity for the Town Clerk to share knowledge of what is happening in our Town and to the Town Council's involvement within the community. It was an ideal opportunity for everyone who attended to hear exactly what Dunstable Town Council is responsible for and how they spend the Council Tax. Along with some details for the regeneration projects progressing in Dunstable.

Dunstable Town Council also has a full community events programme this year from the Beer Festival starting in May working along side local public houses etc. through to the December Christmas events 2012. The events programme is available on the Dunstable Town Council website along with all details of what they are responsible for within Dunstable. Their website is: http://www.dunstable.gov.uk/

We are all looking forward to a bright positive future for our town.

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