Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Improving the streetscape of Court Drive, Dunstable

Central Bedfordshire Council are planning to use the concept of shared space and clear streets to improve the streetscape at Court Drive. This concept will look at the needs of every road user to deliver a streetscene that is better balanced and suitable for all.

The aim of the scheme is to provide a dedicated bus lane in Court Drive, as an integral part of the Luton Dunstable Houghton Regis Guided Busway, and enhance the general streetscape in this core area of Dunstable.

Better Balanced Street
A better balanced street is one that pays respect to the competing needs of all users. A balanced street looks at the needs of all road users – not just the motorists and delivers a street scene that is suitable for all.

In an urban area there is a high level of competing demand from different classes of road users. A well balanced street will have minimal visual clutter and obstacles. It will use durable materials and most importantly, will encourage a degree of negotiation between road users as they make their way through it.

Your Unique Environment Your streetscape can add value to your local area by adding character through design that compliments the environment, rather than the normal street scene you see today.

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