Thursday, 27 September 2012

Launch of Arriva's 11 new buses for Dunstable, Houghton Regis & Luton.

Myself and others have just had the privilage of trying out part of the new Dunstable, Houghton Regis & Luton Busway! Photos on fb & the blog later. Route No. 38 will have state of the art buses, 11 to start with in May. The new busway, all helping to create jobs and better public transport links throughout the conurbation.

State of the art buses, with CCTV, the buses have a 7.3 litre engine and weigh over 10 tonnes when empty. They each have 46 seats and carry 61 standing making these the biggest buses in the Arriva fleet.
The new buses are fully wheelchair accessible, which allows easy access for disabled, elderlyand people travelling with young children, they are environmentally friendly with the latest Eur 5 engines which will mean they are among the cleanest vehicles operating locally.

This 'little' wheel is the genius that keeps the bus on the busway.
Centre ~ Dunstable Mayor Councillor Pat Staples.

Chairman of Central Bedfordshire Council Angela Barker, CBC Councillor Nigel Young and Kelvin Hopkins MP

.... and then we all had a trip along the busway itself! It was fast and smooth with now traffic jams!

The new busway is encouraging new businesses locally, which means new employment while helping people get to work using public transport.


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