Saturday, 6 February 2016

Dunstable World Record Break Saturday 20th February.

The management company that own and run the Holiday Inn Express hotel in London Road, have been supportin...g a gentleman called Mark Vaz, who has been raising money for Adoption UK and Tommy, two charities close to his heart.
He set himself a challenge to run 90 marathons in 90 days, as if that wasn't enough he last year extended his mission to break to world record of 400 marathons in 365 days, this means that some days Mark is running double marathons to keep on track!
Mark is running in Dunstable to break the world record, Guinness World Records will be in attendance to witness the record break as Mark runs his route through Dunstable.
The route is to be confirmed but it is believed Mark will start off from Dunstable's Creasey Park, then after a period about 4.5hrs will finish his run at the Holiday Inn Express Dunstable. Start time will be confirmed shortly.
The hotel will be opening the doors to the community and want to encourage people to run a little with Mark or be here at the finish line to support him.
If you would like more details or to offer your support or make a donation to Mark's nominated charities please contact
Ella Hiscott, Sales Manager at Holiday Inn Express Dunstable, London Road, Dunstable, LU6 3DZ
Phone 01582 344 499

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