Monday, 18 March 2013


EGG appears in Dunstable School!
Watling Lower School children had an unexpected arrival over the weekend.
An emergency assembly was called for as The Head Teacher Mrs Penglase, Teachers, Assistants and children were told of the new arrival.
The area has been fenced of in Watling School grounds and everyone has been told to look but not touch the new egg.
I was asked to arrive at the school as soon as possible so that I could take a report from the children and anyone else who had seen the egg.
Several children believed they had seen what could only be described as scratch marks on the playground where the 'mystery' mother of the egg may have tried to have landed before it laid her egg.
The egg is nestled on some very soft material, possibly straw...... The egg is very large possibly 76 cm (30") in length. It is white with brown speckles.
The children are staying behind the fenced of area in case the mother returns to hatch the egg.
The children gave me some suggestions as to what they believe may have laid it, from:
A dodo bird, Teradactyl, Alien, Dragon, Giant Rabbit (The belief is that it could be made of chocolate) and a Phoenix.
Head Teacher Mrs Penglase and some very excited children 
We have been asked to return and continue to report of the excitement of the 'New Egg' during this week to see if the mother returns to hatch the egg....
Please watch this space for the latest news on the Watling Lower School's newest arrival!

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