Monday 24 June 2013

"Return of the Duck"

On the 21st of June the infamous Duck was reutned to its rightful place on the 'Church Street Bridge'.


 We have had some information with regard to the "Duck" from Cllr Nigel Young, it was he who also commissioned and therefore has restored the all new Duck to the Duck Bridge to it’s historical place in Dunstable legend....

~ "We couldn’t put the ducks on the parapet as, ridiculously, BAM Nuttal said it might affect the integrity of the concrete (can’t see it myself).
Original Duck sadly passed away a) because it was paper and b) because it was stuck onto half a ton of steel cut from the old bridge and too heavy to mount.
But – New bridge, new ducks – and part of the continuing economic regeneration of Dunstable"

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