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Medieval Dunstable

Dunstable will celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Priory Church in 2013
Join us and be part of this wonderful time, that will once again go down in history.

The Project the beginning and the end.......

"In the summer of 2010 I had an idea that perhaps we could mark the foundations of the Augustinian Priory, and introduce a new Medieval Walk to the Heritage walks offered by the town guides. Those of us interested in the history of the town believed that in medieval times, Dunstable was an important centre of trade sitting astride one of the busiest crossroads of England. Henry I built a palace in Dunstable and a number of monarchs spent time here. We knew there were jousts, we had a copy of some early byelaws and charters, tantalising evidence that there was a big story just waiting to be uncovered."

Taken from an excerpt from

http://medievaldunstable.org.uk/index.html by Jean Yates ~ Project Manager


Dunstable Time Line 1100 - 1540


No mention of Dunstable in the Domesday Book. Notes say Dunstable was a deserted Roman ruin, not yet resettled, but the figures for Houghton Regis perhaps make more sense if villagers were trading at crossroads at that time, to which the sheriff turned a blind eye, but increased their taxes.

- Follow this link for all the years inbetween: http://medievaldunstable.org.uk/timekine.html


Henry VIII had a plan for Dunstable to be a Bishopric and convert the church into a cathedral, The plan failed and the Prior and Canons were pensioned off.

Author Jean Yates


Map of Dunstable

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The Augustinian Priory

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Priory House Tea Room, Tourist Information Centre, Tea Rooms and Gift Shop


2013 Events

Celebrating the 800th Anniversary

of the Dedication of the Priory,

and the Medieval History of Dunstable

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