Wednesday, 18 January 2012

HM Government e-petition ~ "Do not merge Dunstable with Luton North Constituency

If the new Boundary Commission plan goes ahead then residents in Dunstable, whilst remaining within the boundaries of Central Bedfordshire, will have to elect an MP whose main constituency will be in Luton North. Dunstable is a market town and has affiliations with many of its surrounding villages - Luton is a large urban area with aspirations to become a city and as such does not fit well with a market town. Please support this petition to allow Dunstable to remain in the South West Bedfordshire Constituency. Central Bedfordshire Council have laid out the reasoning in their submission which Dunstable Town Council also fully supports. This can be found on Central Bedfordshire website under the full Council Meeting dated 24th November 2011 - item number 51.

If you support the petition "Do not merge Dunstable with Luton North Constituency" Please click on the link below ~ sign it and share the link to get as many signatures as possible ~ Thank you.

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