Monday, 8 April 2013

Bromford Support Bedfordshire Cluster

Helps vulnerable, disabled and disadvantaged people realise their potential through the provision of skills, training and employment opportunities.

Last year we helped 9,000 people across Central England to live in their own home, reduce their personal debt, maximise their income or avoid eviction; we helped around 500 people access education, training or pa...
id employment.

We offer free 'Drop In' locations in various places through out the week in Bedfordshire they are as follows:
Dunstable - Beehive Childrens Centre, Westfield Road, LU6 1DW from 9am-12pm.
Houghton Regis - Parkside Neighbourhood Centre, Parkside Drive, LU5 5QN from 9.30am-11.30pm.
Dunstable - Mayfield Centre, Downside from 12pm-2pm.
Leighton Buzzard, Childrens Centre, The Moorings, Vandyke Road, LU7 3HS from 9.30am-11.30am.
Houghton Regis - Tithe Farm Neighbourhood Centre, Tithe Farm Road, LU5 5JB from 9am-12pm
Central Bedfordshire Council Office from 8.30am-12pm.
Central Bedfordshire Council Office from 1pm-4.30pm
Houghton Regis - Bedford Square Centre from 2pm-4pm
Leighton Buzzard - Bossard House, West Street, LU7 1RX from 9am-12pm.
Dunstable - Dunstable South Childrens Centre, Downside Neighbourhood Centre, The Annexe, Downside Lower School, Oakwood Ave, LU5 4AS from 1pm-3pm.

Emma Steele Lampard requested this information be posted on About Dunstable and we are happy to help ~ All helping the local community.

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