Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Square in Dunstable is about to come alive on Market Days ~ Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays!

A meeting of shop owners from Middle Row, Ashton Square, Market Traders, the Market Manager & ourselves took place today to discuss entertainment and events for The Square in Dunstable. A small part of the £10,000 Portas money was to pay for the licence on The Square so all kinds of entertainment are free to use it. The group is looking for all local businesses to get involved and for 'you' to share with us all what you would like to see on The Square on Market Days ~ From Street Artists, to bands, Auto Jumbles to Children's rides......

If you have an idea, please share it with us. If you would like to use The Square with an idea that will bring people to our town, please message us or share it with us ~ All helping to make Dunstable a better place to live and work.

Why not check out our facebook page also:!/AboutDunstable.Bedfordshire/info

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