Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dunstable Mayor Councillor Claire Meakins - Jell and Acting Deputy Head Mrs. Jandu at today's Watling Lower School 50th Brithday Celebrations

Balloons and cakes along with birthday wishes made a very happy morning assembly today celebrating Watling Lower Schools 50th birthday. Several children in turn spoke of how the school has developed over the past 50 years and all the children sang a wonderful hymn at the end of the assembly.  Dunstable Mayor Councillor Claire Meakins - Jell answered questions from many of Watling Lower School children about her year's role of being Mayor of Dunstable. Also present along with the children and teachers, were school Governors and Councillors from local and CBC Council.

This afternoon everyone at the school will be enjoying some of the wonderful birthday cakes. The birthday celebrations of Watling School will continue over the next few months with many festivities planned.

Over the next week or so Watling Lower School will be decorating one of the shop windows in the Quadrant shopping centre. Don't forget to have a look when your next passing.

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